Ellie the Cat

Full name:

Ellie-Mae Cat


Ellie or Mae



Theme song:

Oops..I did it again! by Britney Spears

Fur color:

Ugly green and black

Eye color:



Boys, texting, hanging out, drama, TV and taking a nap


Annoying people, rude people, horror movies and weird moments


Shadow the Hedgehog


Ellie the cat by mhfan1011-d5srsj5


Ellie is like any other teenager. Lazy, flirty and born to cause drama. Ellie can sometimes be nasty and stubborn but not always. She is also a  bit loud and swears a bit but like I said..not always. Ellie is also a bit rough and a bit childish but not too childish. 


Ellie is an only child. Her mother is called Natasha and her father is called Max. They are strict parents and a bit vain. Ellie also has a cousin called Kit..who is very annoying and is 13 years old but she acts like a 5 year old. 


Ellie has been flirty with every single guy but they are not intrested in her. Ellie tries her best all the time. She drops stuff so someone can help her and she pretends to trip over something and fall in someone's never works. Tough luck Ellie. 


Ellie has been a loud baby. She cried alot and had an obsession with pulling someone's hair. Ellie would never shut up. She always kicked alot and screamed alot. But when Ellie was a toddler, she was different. She was more calm but she still cried alot. Ellie would always hold a teddy with her, wherever she goes. And when she was a child, she acted more like a teenager. Rude, snobby and tough. No-one liked her. She was also a chatter-box and always being loud, not quiet. Ellie also began swearing back then. 


Yes, I forgot to put that in. Her weapon is her lazor-pen. I know it sounds stupid. Could've been a lightsaber.. -.- 

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