Collections Edit


Hello Kitty Mini Spiral Notebook: Piano

Hello Kitty Paper Notebook: Blue

Hello Kitty Spiral Notebook: Star

Hello Kitty Spiral Notebook: Pink

Little Twin Stars Spiral Notebook: Town

Little Twins Stars Notebook: Heart

Little Twin Stars Spiral Notebook: Ribbon

My Melody Spiral Notebook: Butterfly


Hello Kitty Journal: Gold Ribbon

Hello Kitty Locking Diary: Plie

Hello Kitty Locking Diary: Mosaic

Hello Kitty Diary: Polka Dot Bear


Hello Kitty Sanrio Days

Plushies charactersEdit

Hello Kitty 10" Plush: Mosaic

Chococat 10" Plush: 50th Anniversary

My Melody 10" Plush: 50th Anniversary

Keroppi 10" Plush: 50th Anniversary

Little Twin Stars 10" Plush: 50th Anniversary

Kuromi 8" Plush: Sweets

Sugarbunnies 7" Plush - Pink

U*SA*HA*NA 8" Plush

Sugarbunnies 7" Plush: White

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