Characters (Girls)
Names Descrptions Teams Love Rival Personality

Emerald is loyal Friend. She teams up with Sonic with Crystal Emeralds when she turns Super.

Team Star Sonic the Hedgeog Amy Rose Shy
Ringo A Sweet girl is a magical girl and use pink wepons and Sapphire Emeralds make her super and teams up with Emerald and Sonic. She being save by Sonic after being captured by Eggman. She Rivals Shadow after rivaling Sonic. She nearly early Rival with Amy Team Star Sonic the Hedgehog Amy Rose Sweet
Fura Fura is a hyper Tomboy. Her favourite hangout is Supersega (Build by Chibiusa Pucca Tsukasa and Sparkle). She is a leader of the Team night-star. She Slighty Girly when she has cute girly stuff. She has a superspeed just likes Sonic. Team Night Star Miles Tails Prower None Tomboy and Girly
Mindy Mindy is super Popstar. Her best friends Roxy the Lynx Miyu the Bunny and Lucky the Meerkat. She met Sonic after she comes to Town. She is an outgoing shy and sweet. She hates Amy before fighting over sonic. Her close friend is Cream the Rabbit. Team Melody Sonic the Hedgehog Amy Rose Shy and Sweet
Sora Emerald's younger Sister. She is very Enegetic and Hyper. Her close friends is Tails Sonic and Cream. She loves listen the Sega music, playing video games with sister Sparkle going on advantures and Hangout with her friends. She doen't like Amy Team Star Skye the Cat None Energetic and Hyper
Sparkle Emerald 's Younger Sister. She is Energetic and Hyper. Her Favourite hangout is Supersega. Her Favourite TV Show is Lucky Star Sailor Moon Ojamajo Doremi Onegai My Melody Hello Kitty and Mermaid Melody. She has her own powers, Stars attack with Her Hammer Team Sega Miles Tails Prower None Hyper and Energetic

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