01; Enter of Emerald the cat

02; Hyper catgirl

03; Advanture of haru pucca and sparkle

04; future girl comes to town

05; enter of team night star

06; Songoose

07; Party all night

08; team melody in jungle trap

09; Enemy Rivals

10; Sonic is missing

11; team sega of songoose

12; born of neko sailor moon Rini

13; supersega

14; future jewel city

15; Sega music and Sega video games

16; Sleepover Part 1

17; Sleepover part 2

18; Sleepover part 3

19; team night star in jungle trap

20; Cousin of the year

21; Emerald and the others Vs Shadow

22; Sparkle's worst nightmare

23; born of super Sonic and Emerald

24; The ghost of king boom boo in the old castle

25; Sister of the year

26; Amy VS Stephine Emerald Ruby and Mina

27: Out of this world

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