Full Name: Mina Mongoose
Species: mongoose
Birthday: June 12
First Appearance: Episode 06
Fur: yellow
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Weaknesses: Can't control herself when she runs.
Abilities: Super Speed, wonderful singing voice, and babysitting skills
Known Family: Sally Mongoose (Mother), Skye Mongoose (decreased father)

Friends: Sonic, Tails, Cream, Blaze, Silver, Knuckles, Ringo, Liru, Sora, Sally, Skye, Mina, Rini, Typhoon, Sparkle, Pucca

Enemies: Eggman, Rouge, Shadow, Amy

Personality: Shy and sweet

Likes: Sonic, singing, music, songwriter, babysitting, sleepovers, shopping, her friends Ringo Mina and Liru

Dislikes: Amy Rose, Trangadies, Eggman

Lisa MongooseEdit

Lisa (dubbed Songoose for her singing talents). She is a yellow, female, teenage, anthropomorphic mongoose. Mina has black hair held back by a blue headband, and green eyes. She was captured by Eggman and and rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog. She is one of those girls Liru Mina Ringo Sally Fura Starlight and Tracy. Lisa is the 16 year-old daughter of Sally Mongoose and the late Skye Mongoose. She has enjoyed a highly successful singing career. Lisa outfit consisted of a black tank top, turqoise shorts, and black boots and gloves. Later on, her tanktop became turqoisd in the front with black straps, and a skirt and tousars of matching design. She befriends with Ringo the cat. Lisa's mother is from Tokyo. She sings her Japanese songs. She has to best friends Liru the cat and Mina the Fox. Lisa is love interest to Sonic. Lisa's father had died fighting for the cause of freedom, and she is now left with her mother. Her multitalented abilities and bubbly personality give her an allure that may just win over the heart of her Blue hedgehog hero. She met Rini Sparkle and Pucca to becoming team sega melody.

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