Other CharactersEdit





Power musicEdit

Lisa-Singing-Harmony singing voice

Mina-Electic guitar- Electic hearts attack

Liru-Keyboard- Music


Sparkle-Electic guiter



Japanese songs

English songs

Dance Music

Japanese SongsEdit

Mermaid melodyEdit

Kodou ~Perfect Harmony

Kibou no kane oto-Love goes on

Aurora no Kaze ni Notte (Liru's 1st Song)

Yume no Sono Saki He

Splash Dream! (Lisa's 1st Song)

Ojamajo doremiEdit

DANCE! Ojamajo

Ojamajo doremi naisho remix

HOPPU * SUTEPPU * POPPU (Pucca's 1st song)

Ojamajo Carnival!!

Ojamajo de BANBAN

Ojamajo naisho yo

Tokyo mew mewEdit

My Sweet Heart (Liru's 2nd song)

Taiyou na WATASHI (Sparkle's 1st song)

Kirameki No Umi Wo Koete (Mina's 1st song)

Blue Bird (Tsukasa's 1st song)

Rakuen Wo Sagashite (Rini's 1st song)

Lucky starEdit

Motteke! Se-ra-fuku

Shugo charaEdit

Minna no Tamago

Kokoro no Tamago

Demashitaa Powerpuff Girls-zEdit

Kibou no Kakera (Mina's 2nd song)

Special Japanese songs (SEGA)Edit

Casino park (Lisa's special 1st song)

Can you feel the sunshine (Liru's Special 1st song)

Seaside hill (Mina's special 1st song)

Cosmic Angel Zone (Rini's Special 1st song)

Angel Island Zone (Tsukasa special 1st song)

Ice Mountain Zone (Pucca's Special 1st song)

VS 2 (Sparkle's special 1st song)

Sunset hill (Liru's special 2nd song)

Leaf Forest Act 2 (Rini special 2nd song)

NOTE: This special songs is for using every single episodes.

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